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5 Easy Ways to Boost a Man's Performance

5 Easy Ways to Boost a Man's Performance

5 easy ways to boost a man's performance

At times, the stress of life gets us down. We can be burdened by work.   Our health may not be perfect. We may be taking prescription medication. There are so many factors that affect a man’s performance. We've comprised this simple guide with a few tricks to give you back your edge.

  1. Start eating almonds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts and Cashews. These superfoods not only provide a clean source of protein, but boost testosterone and cut belly fat.
  2. Add oatmeal to your morning regimen. Ever wonder why every athlete blends this up in their morning smoothie? Oats help to break down cholesterol and clean your arteries. Clean arteries mean better blood flow, and better flow leads to amazing performance.
  3. Add some cardio to your workout regimen, your partner will thank you. Not only is this great for your heart, but the longer you can last on that treadmill, the longer you’ll last in the bedroom.
  4. Add a cup of black coffee to your diet. Forget the milk, the sugar, it diminishes the power of the raw antioxidants in this superfood. Coffee has amazing circulation effects, and dilates blood vessels whenever the moment arises.
  5. Spend an extra 30 minutes in bed. It’s surprising how much sleep affects our performance. It allows our body that desperately needed recovery time, and rejuvenates our nervous system, which controls our arousal.

If you’ve incorporated these 5 habits and still want an extra boost, be sure to check out our Amplified Man. This natural supplement is a unique combination of herbs that help to boost a man’s testosterone and performance. In addition, we have an entire men's health selection of products that promote prostate health and boost immune system.


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