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Benefits of Shark Liver Oil

Benefits of Shark Liver Oil

Shark Liver Oil has many beneficial properties, but drinking unrefined Shark Liver Oil in huge doses for therapeutic purpose can be harmful.  Unrefined Shark Liver Oil has vitamins A & D as well as squalene, fatty acids and many impurities such as PCB, pesticides and heavy metals. When using shark liver oil for therapeutic purposes one must adhere to precise formulation and use only highly refined and distilled shark liver oil from which all impurities, pesticides, heavy metals and squalene as well as excessive amounts of vitamins A and D are removed.

What are Alkylglycerols
(pronounced al-keel-gliss-erols)

Alkylglycerols also called AKG’s is a natural immune booster and modulator. It is found in mother’s milk, the spleen and bone marrow.

Alklyglycerols in ALKOXYROL Shark Liver Oil stimulates the human immune system.  It is used as an adjunct treatment in conditions such as Cancer and HIV/AIDS to boost the level of our immune system and blood cells.  Alkoxyrol is also used to treat auto immune disorders such as Arthritis, Psoriasis and Lupus it also treats other conditions like Diabetes, Sinusitis, Asthma, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease.

 Asthma, Arthritis, Psoriasis and Sinusitis are all immune disorders which are being treated with steroids that cause harmful effects.  Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are also well known for their terrible side-effects.  In many cases people end up relieving the symptoms of one disease and adding another disease to their bodies.  It is in these instances alkylglycerols are most effective.  Alkylglycerols can treat inflammatory conditions without the terrible side-effects of steroids and other dangerous drugs.  Clinical findings show that alkylgycerols can also reduce the side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.

In order to understand the influences of shark liver oil on the cell, one must first understand the disease process itself.
Asthma /Bronchial Asthma is a disease process that results from the increased responsiveness of the large breathing airway and small airways (in the lungs) to various stimuli. The effect seen is a cyclic narrowing of these airways with the production of a whistling sound called wheezing. The narrowing of the airway and its increased responsiveness to stimuli is thought to be due to inflammation.
Stimuli may come in the form of allergens (dust, pollen, animals, foods, perfumes), viruses, (less often bacteria), some drugs, occupational hazards (fumes, gases, chemicals), weather changes. When the stimulus becomes present, a series of complex reactions take place to release a number of chemicals from different cells in the body (example mast cells) which then act on each other and other cells to produce the ‘inflammation’ and subsequently an asthma attack.     Stimulus attaches to some cell membranes (mast cells) and through a series of interactions with chemicals (like diacylglycerols, protein kinase C and phospholipids and others) makes the membrane burst and release smaller chemicals that produce inflammation.
The membrane of this mast cell is also transformed into another chemical-Arachidonic acid that is broken down even further to produce smaller chemicals that would produce even more inflammation.  In the meantime, the body activates other cells called macrophages which go around trying to find the stimulus to eat them in order to get rid of them.
The active ingredient in Shark Liver Oil is Alkoxyglycerol and is found naturally in most plant and animal species including man. Study of this natural product reveals that it acts as both an immunostimulant (to boost the immune system) and also as an immunomodulator (helping the cells to function normally within the system). It is found in all tissues and all organs in the body (including mother’s milk) and has different functions depending on which organ system or tissues it is found in.
Alkoxyglycerol therefore is multifunctional within the body. Hence, we will limit our discussion to just the cells that are pertinent to asthma (that I have mentioned above) and its effect on those cells.Alkoxyglycerols (AKGs)–

  1. Activates/energizes macrophages to eat the bad stimulus
  2. Stops Protein Kinase C from releasing the small chemicals that would produce inflammation
  3. Stop phospholipids and diacylglycerol transformation into arachidonic acid. Incidentally this is also where steroids work in helping to resolve the attack.
  4. Because of its immunomodulation capabilities- it is thought that it helps with other cells called B cells and T cells to eventually help in stopping the cells from reacting to those stimuli in the future.

So you can see where having extra AKGs in the form of shark liver oil on board will allow the body to be prepared for any attack and take care of the stimulus before it even launches its attack.
Of course as we speak, much more research is ongoing as to the nature of the interaction between AKGs and the number of diseases that we are now finding that it has helped with. The first researchers in the 1920’s initially studied AKGs for their effects in cancer and leukemias. The studies in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are now being done along with continuing ones on cancer. Who knows if they may find that the cause of a lot of diseases is related to a deficiency of AKGs in the human body.


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