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How to get off prescription Diabetes Medication

How to get off prescription Diabetes Medication

Most diabetic patients are stuck on an endless course of either Metformin or insulin, some even both. While these drugs lower sugar and control diabetes, they come with a variety of side effects. These include impaired kidney and liver function in both men and women, and impotence in men.

As of late, in depth research has shown Black seed oil to be effective in both lowering blood sugar and regenerating the pancreas. Black seed oil is most effective in cases of type II Diabetes (where the pancreas is not producing enough insulin and the body is resistant). However all Black seed oil is not equal. Cheaper brands are not pure or sourced from the middle east or South Asia. They are diluted with olive oil and will not garner the full effect Premium Black Seed Oil delivers.

In order to wean yourself off Diabetes medication, it takes patience and consistency. Most people are able to wean themselves off drugs with herbal alternatives in a matter of two weeks to a few months. This also includes a change in diet and lifestyle. Cutting sugar and carb intake is key to controlling and maintaining sugar levels!

Last, but not least is exercise, cardio three times per week for 30 minutes does wonders for the mind, and body! For more information and in depth detail on how to completely stop prescription medication, give us a call at 954 730 8894! We’re happy to help! Also be sure to check out our Premium Black Seed Oil, 100% pure and sourced from South Asia.

If you are interested in even more herbal remedies for Diabetes, check out Bittermelon, the miracle fruit that lowers blood sugar

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Jason Swales - September 12, 2018

Healthy diet is very important to keep us healthy and fit. Cold pressed juices are one of the best way to remove toxins from the body and our body feels energetic and fresh all the time.

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