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Is there a Cure? Using a Vegan Diet to Overcome Diabetes

The cure for Diabetes

If you scour the internet long enough, you're going to come across many people who've overcome Type II Diabetes by changing their diets. While I can't attest to those people, I have personally seen multiple customers come off their traditional medicine through a radical change in diet and supplementation. As we gain a deeper understanding of Diabetes, we can more effectively combat this disease that's taking over our community.

First, let's simplify the difference between Type I and Type II Diabetes. Type I Diabetes is usually diagnosed during childhood. It is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks the insulin producing cells; making the person insulin dependent from a very young age. Doctors are still not sure why this occurs or how to prevent it.

Type II Diabetes is typically diagnosed in people above the age of thirty. It is often associated with excess body weight, high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. It is no accident that these three conditions are commonly diagnosed together, or occur instantaneously or sequentially. Simply put, Type II Diabetes is clearly caused by diet, and not just high sugar consumption.

Let me explain. Type II Diabetes occurs when the body becomes insulin resistant.

This means our bodies can't effectively break down the sugars and carbohydrates we're consuming. To combat this, Doctors typically recommend external medication that help our bodies break down those sugars and carbs. While this is an effective treatment, it comes with a variety of side effects and treats only the symptoms. 

The REAL reason our body is insulin resistant is because of the fat or cholesterol in our blood. When we have high cholesterol, it causes  atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. When this happens, and our pancreas releases insulin (used to convert the glucose from the foods we eat to energy or fuel for our body) to the break down the sugar or carbs we consume, the arteries are not able to open enough, to effectively allow the flow of insulin throughout the body. This leaves us stuck with high glucose levels and an inability to convert our food to energy. In actuality, if our cholesterol levels are low and our arteries are supple, our bodies have no issue breaking down desert, rice, pasta or sugary drinks. 

So how do we solve this problem?

Diet. Regular consumption of meat and/or dairy products take our cholesterol levels to new heights, and harden our arteries. Left unchecked, Cholesterol is the cause of Diabetes, Stroke and Heart Disease.

So is there a cure for Diabetes?

It is possible to reverse Type II Diabetes. A plant based diet eradicates bad cholesterol from our body and in effect decreases our body's insulin resistance. As long as our bodies are not insulin resistant, we can break down any number of carbs and sugars. 

While I am a big advocate for a plant based diet. It is not necessary to remain vegan when you have achieved your desired results. Most of my clients alternate their diet, or periodically eat Vegan to maintain healthy cholesterol and sugar levels. In addition to Diet, there are a few natural supplements that help to decrease your body's insulin resistance and expedite the process. If you're interested check them out below! Or learn more by reading our How to get off prescription Diabetes Medication article.

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