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Anamu Promotes Prostate Health

Anamu Promotes Prostate Health

What is Anamu?

Anamu native to the Amazon, Caribbean and Central America is commonly known as Guinea Hen Weed. This powerful herb has been used for decades for it’s many health benefits. These include purging the body of harmful organisms, reducing inflammation, attacking cancer cells and fighting infections.

Anamu for Prostate – Scientific research has shown Anamu to shrink prostate as well as cleanse it of impurities. This encourages urinary health and proper detoxification of the body. Anamu’s anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects help to prevent prostate cancer, and attack cancerous cells if they’re already present.

Other benefits of Anamu – Anamu also contains a low concentration of coumarin which naturally thins the blood and prevents blood clots. This is great for stroke victims or patients with circulation problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or heart disease.


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LeRoy Brown - May 3, 2019

Please keep me informed of the prostate herbs, as I’m a suffer of swallowed prostate. Thank you.

Lindiwe - December 26, 2018


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