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What is PARCEMD?

Developed and designed by a group of Russian, German and Taiwanese scientists, the all-dimensional Electrometry Measuring Device (PARC EMD®) is a consolidation of over 50 years of research and case reports participated by over a thousand scientists, practitioners, statisticians and authoritative physicians, producing the newest, fastest, safest and most accurate health check system.

What does it do?

The PARC EMD® system draws a statistical relationship between measurements taken from the skin to internal organ function.
It involves the use of a sensor that emits a very low level-standardized electrical impulse into 24 points, called Meridian points, in your hands and feet to generate a user profile. This profile is compared to a large clinical database of over 50 million persons tested to identify any current recognizable patterns.
Research shows that meridian skin points reflect more electric current and nerve activities than non-meridian skin points. Therefore, meridian points can be deemed as the window to a body’s inner activities because they reflect the system’s current functionality.
PARC EMD® can detect some changes or trends that indicate the risk of disease before it becomes symptomatic. The system combines ancient Chinese meridian theory and modern electronic physiology to match the requirements and standard of modern medical equipment.
The idea of health monitoring system is to identify whether any early warning signals can be detected so as to allow earlier preventive action, thus earlier intervention.

How does PARC EMD analyze the information?

Your raw PARC EMD® report is analyzed by referencing your data against an extremely large clinical database. The basic principle is to spot trends in your data that resemble trends that have been previously identified. For example, if a report being analyzed shows a high degree of similarity to a diabetic profile, then the risk of such a person already having or developing a diabetic condition in the future is high.

What are its major applications?

It is mainly used as a first line overall screening, for prevention and monitoring one’s health.

How long does the test take?

In normal circumstances, the actual measuring process takes less than 5 minutes. Results are generally available almost immediately.

How accurate is PARC EMD?

The device can gather about 50 values within 2 seconds of touching the skin then can obtain an average value. The effective accuracy rate is over 95%. Accuracy should be considered bearing in mind that the patient may not have experienced the symptoms of an illness which in its early stage.

How frequent can a patient undergo PARC EMD testing?

As often as needed. Normal monitoring test is recommended every 6 months.

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