Reach your 2016 Health Goals

Wheat Grass 1

It all starts with what you put in

  1. Unless you do intense athletic training every day, chances are you aren’t burning all the carbohydrates you’re consuming, cut down on flour, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and the like.
  2. Switch to whole grains and wheat. This includes brown rice, wheat bread, sweet potatoes, wheat pasta, etc. These fibre heavy foods lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. Whole grains also reduce constipation, keeping those extra pounds off.
  3. White meat is easier on your digestive system and a leaner source of protein. Stick to chicken, fish or turkey. Some people classify pork as white meat, but it’s naturally salty and contains more parasites than any other meat.
  4. Most things in moderation can hurt. So it is with sweet or salty foods. Ditch the potato chips and packaged snacks, opt for unsalted peanuts or pumpkin seeds. These heart healthy foods are rich in omegas. Reserve the cake or ice cream for once a week. Sugar spikes your insulin levels and adds that extra inch to your waist before you can say diet.
  5. Last but not least, drop the soda and juice, opt for water, alkaline if possible. Sugary drinks are just as guilty when it comes to “bulking season”. While that glass of orange may give you that extra vitamin C, it may have more sugar than a 16 oz soda. Be sure to start reading those nutrition labels.


How to build the immune system

While eating nutrient rich foods, especially greens boosts the immune system, most of us never get all the vitamins and minerals necessary. It’s difficult with busy schedules and the unpredictability life presents. This is where supplementation comes in. A good multi-vitamin boost metabolism, increases energy and maintains a healthy immune system. Our Total Man and Total Woman multi-vitamins are a great place to start. These vitamins are tailored specifically to your gender needs, and include a variety of additional herbs that balance hormones, lower blood pressure and sugar.

heart health

What about the heart

It starts with a good fish oil. Fish oils are high in omega 3, which keeps our heart pumping efficiently. If we’re going with fish oil, why not benefit from the most powerful fish in the ocean? We recommend shark liver oil, apart from its heart healthy properties, it increases white cell count, significantly boosts the immune system, fights diseases such as lupus, HIV, cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Check out Alkoxyrol Shark Liver Oil here. It’s an ultra refined shark liver oil, harvested from deep sea sharks in Norway. We’ve also done a more detailed write up on its benefits here.


How important is it detox

Last, but not least is detoxing. Even when we eat healthy, without extra help, our body isn’t able to completely cleanse itself of excess impurities. In addition, we’re exposed to toxins on an everyday basis; from cars, chemicals, pollution, it all takes a toll on our bodies. In order to keep our organs operating efficiently, detoxing every three months is recommended. We have a two step process that takes care of first, your digestive organs (Flow herbal Colon Cleanse), and second your urinary organs (Clean Herbal Body Detox). The digestive organs include your stomach, small intestine and large intestine. The urinary organs include the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bladder and blood.


Weight Loss

For a detailed weight loss and meal plan, click here. Be sure to check out our number one weight loss product–the Belly Fat Blast