3 easy ways to detox your body and clear skin

3 Easy Ways to Help Detox Your Body and Support Beautiful Skin

3 Easy Ways to Detox your Body and Clear skin

Before we get into the actual methods of detoxing, let's try to understand the importance and why it's necessary. Every day we walk outside, we're bombarded by pollutants and chemicals. For those of us who live in the city, it's even worse. In addition to the polluted air we're constantly breathing, the foods we eat are littered with pesticides and insecticides. Even our water contains excessive amounts of chlorine and fluoride. Simply put, we're constantly ingesting unnatural substances that impair organ function and lead to disease.

One of the telltale signs one needs to detox is acne or frequent breakouts.

Our skin is usually a reflection of what we put in our bodies, or what our bodies are exposed to. Other signs include constipation or irregular bowel movement, weak immune system, low energy and decreased mental focus. Most experts recommending detoxing every 3-4 months. This varies based on the person and their diet. For example, because meat takes seven times longer to digest than vegetables, a carnivore or person who consumes red meat often might need to detox at least once a month.

Now let's get into the good stuff, the reason you're reading this, the three easy ways to Detox!

1. Geared toward the carnivore, the first way to detox is to stop eating meat for 7 days. Stick to brown rice, wheat bread, lots of beans, peas, corn, spinach and kale. This diet provides the necessary nutrients our body needs, and fiber to remove waste that's been sitting for months in our colon. In addition to this high fiber diet, drinks tons of water; if you can, one gallon of water per day. For even better results, try alkaline water, this helps to cleanse the body even faster.

 2. The second way to detox is for the Vegan (I dare you to try this carnivores). Because your body is already used to the vegetables, and you likely have healthy bowel movement, you need to be extreme. I recommend a seven day Juice or liquid cleanse. Smoothies are great during this time, be sure to add oatmeal, it gives you that full feeling while providing fiber and reducing cholesterol. 

3. The third and final way to detox is the easiest, and perfect for either the Carnivore or Vegan. It simply requires taking a herbal supplement to cleanse the body. In this category, you can opt for a liquid detox which usually takes three days or cleansing capsules which usually take one to two weeks. If you'd like to learn more about these options, we have a wide variety of Detox and Cleanse Supplements here

If you're especially interested in clearing your skin, I highly recommend the Essence of Life Herbal Roots Tonic. It's a liquid detox that's slighter bitter, but works amazing and finishes in 3 days. If losing weight is your primary goal, and you prefer pills, I'd go with the Belly Fat Blast 15 Day Cleanse. It's easy to take (2 capsules per night) and gently rids the body of toxins and waste. If you loved this post and want to read more, check our Herbal Secrets Blog or Everything Vegan Blog, it's packed with information to revitalize your body and help you live your best life!


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