Dandelion Root Tea Benefits, Preparation, Consumption and Side Effects

Dandelion Root Tea Benefits, Preparation, Consumption and Side Effects

Benefits of Dandelion root tea

This staple in Ayurvedic medicine is packed with powerful anti-oxidants that help to fight cancer, aid kidney function and increase liver health. Further Dandelion Root Tea benefits include blood sugar control, healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 

This sometimes pesky yellow flower reveals itself every spring and can be found in many backyards. Used for hundreds of years in different continents, every part of this tiny plant can be used for a range of health benefits. 

First, the leaves can be diced up and used as a flavoring spice or garnish. Next, the roots and stems can be blended and steeped into a delicious coffee flavored tea. 

Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

This miracle root has a variety of health benefits ranging from healthy organ function and blood pressure to increased bone health and blood sugar control. Below we go in-depth into each benefit and cover everything you need to know from preparation of the root to consumption.  

1. Aid Kidney and Gallbladder Function

Known for its diuretic (increases the production of urine) effects, Dandelion Root Tea helps to flush salt, excess water and toxins out of the Kidneys and Gallbladder. This not only improves organ health, but reduces the risk of developing gallstones or other related diseases. 

2. May Increase Liver Health

In addition to detoxing and regenerating the liver, Dandelion Root Tea helps to improve the flow of bile and protect it from Hepatitis.

3. May Help Fight Cancer

New research has demonstrated potential Dandelion Root Tea benefits for fighting cancer.

In a 2011 Canadian study, Dandelion root destroyed melanoma cells without affecting healthy non cancerous cells.

In addition, Dandelion Root's powerful antioxidant content may help to prevent cancer altogether.

A recent study even showed Dandelion Root's ability to slow cancer growth in the liver, pancreas and colon.

4. May Reduce Water Weight and Promote Weight Loss

If you're feeling bloated, Dandelion Root tea can help, its ability to increase urine output can flush excess liquid out of the body.

Further more, Chlorogenic acid, a compound in Dandelion Root has been known to lower fat storage hormones in the body and reduce overall fat absorption. 

5. May Reduce Inflammation

Another powerful Dandelion Root Tea benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties. It contains polyphenols that may help to reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis and other inflammation related conditions.

6. Blood Sugar Control

Research has linked Dandelion Root Tea to lower blood sugar levels and decreased insulin resistance in the body. 

7. Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Dandelion Root Tea benefits the heart in more ways than one. Not only is it effective in reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol, but its powerful antioxidant content protects the myocardium tissue and may reduce the risk of heart attack.  

8. A Natural Coffee Substitute

Love the flavor of coffee, but don't want the caffeine? Dandelion Root Tea is the answer! This root promises all the same antioxidants, with none of the side effects that come with consuming caffeine. Further more, instead of elevating blood pressure as coffee does, Dandelion Root Tea does the opposite. 

9. Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

Dandelion Root Tea is packed with potassium, an essential mineral that helps to balance fluid in the body and regulate blood pressure.

10. Aid Digestion and Constipation

Used for centuries as a stomach remedy, Dandelion Root Tea helps to alleviate heart burn, indigestion and encourage bowel movement. 

In addition, it helps to promote a healthy appetite and regulate metabolism. 

11. May Increase Bone Health

Dandelion Root contains an abundance of Calcium and Vitamin K which are necessary to maintain healthy, strong bones. 

In addition, Dandelion Root contains Inulin, a fiber that promotes healthy gut bacteria and bones. 

12. May Boost Immune System

Dandelion Root tea possesses various anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds that can help the body fight off infection and boost the immune system. 

Recent studies have even confirmed Dandelion Root Tea's ability to prevent viruses from multiplying. 

13. Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

When Dandelion Root Tea is combined with Uva Ursi (herb used for UT health), it helps to prevent and fight UTI's. The anti-bacterial benefits of Uva Ursi along with the increased urine production of Dandelion works in unison to promote a healthy urinary system and increased bladder health. 

How to prepare Dandelion Root Tea

Since we're preparing a Root tea, it is necessary to boil for at least 10 minutes and steep for one hour to achieve maximum potency.

I recommend one ounce of Dandelion Root to one gallon of water. 

After it cools, bottle and refrigerate. If desired, you can sweeten with honey and lemon for a more delightful flavor.

How to take Dandelion Root Tea

To maximize Dandelion Root Tea Benefits, most nutritionalists recommend drinking 1-2 cups daily, depending on your goals.

Dandelion Root Tea should be cycled -- one to two weeks on, one week off. 

Always drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day when drinking Dandelion Root Tea.

Possible Side Effects and Precautions when taking Dandelion Root Tea

Because Dandelion Root Tea has natural diuretic properties, be sure to drink a lot of water when implementing this amazing herb into your diet.

If you are diagnosed with a medical condition, or taking prescription medication, be sure to speak with your physician before taking Dandelion Root Tea.

As more-depth research hasn't been done yet, pregnant or nursing mothers should refrain from consuming Dandelion Root Tea.

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