Fundamentals to Healthy Living - 3 Ways to Boost My Immune System?

Fundamentals to Healthy Living - 3 Ways to Boost My Immune System?

The immune system is a complex collection of structures and processes that protect the body from diseases, bacterial infections and any harmful matter that enters. In addition, it also functions to rid the body of bad or aging cells. A strong immune system is intricate to healthy body and overall well being.

Now we get to the big question! How do I boost my immune system? There are three main options, and someone who can utilize all three simultaneously regularly comes out on top. 

1. Physical Exercise - In addition to its fat burning and heart healthy effects, working out releases endorphins which boost the body's immunity, energy and enhances mood.

2. Eating right - It's as the old saying goes, we are what we eat. What we put in our bodies directly correlates to our overall well being and health. For a detailed guide on the right foods to consume, check out our first post in this series: What should I eat?

3. Taking the right supplements - Because our diets are not as diverse as our ancestors and our food usually consist of genetically modified organisms (GMO); We need to supplement our bodies with the nutrients and minerals we lack. These should include a solid multivitamin or superfood and a plant or fish oil. 

Recent studies have shown Premium Black Seed Oil to be one of the best plant oils to consume, in addition to its absurd immunity boosting properties, Black Seed Oil also boasts anti-inflammatory, Blood Pressure Support and Blood Sugar Support.

For even more information on boosting your body, and living your best life, check out our Herbal Secrets Blog

Stay tuned, next week we continue our series by focusing on Heart Health!

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