Fundamentals to Healthy Living - What should I eat?

Fundamentals to Healthy Living - What should I eat?

Most people visit our store asking general questions about nutrition, what foods to eat, what drinks to consume, what supplements to take, so we figured why not write a step by step guide to educate customers on the fundamentals to healthy living. Because it's such a huge topic, we'll tackle a new section every week. This week, we'll start with the thing we love the most in this

It all starts with what you put in

  1. Unless you do intense athletic training every day, chances are you aren't burning all the carbohydrates you're consuming, cut down on flour, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and the like.
  2. Switch to whole grains and wheat. This includes brown rice, wheat bread, sweet potatoes, wheat pasta, etc. These fibre heavy foods lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. Whole grains also reduce constipation, keeping those extra pounds off.
  3. White meat is easier on your digestive system and a leaner source of protein. Stick to chicken, fish or turkey. Some people classify pork as white meat, but it's naturally salty and contains more parasites than any other meat.
  4. Most things in moderation can hurt. So it is with sweet or salty foods. Ditch the potato chips and packaged snacks, opt for unsalted peanuts or pumpkin seeds. These heart healthy foods are rich in omegas. Reserve the cake or ice cream for once a week. Sugar spikes your insulin levels and adds that extra inch to your waist before you can say diet.
  5. Last but not least, drop the soda and juice, opt for water, alkaline if possible. Sugary drinks are just as guilty when it comes to "bulking season". While that glass of orange may give you that extra vitamin C, it may have more sugar than a 16 oz soda. Be sure to start reading those nutrition labels.

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