Keto Diet

Is the Keto Diet healthy long term?

With all the raves about the Keto diet, one has to wonder if there are any drawbacks? This is a tough question, and it really depends on the individual and what their goals are. 

For overweight people there are definite fat burning benefits, but at what cost....

The most worry-some thing about the Keto Diet and what most experts chose to ignore is the impact on Cholesterol levels. While cutting carbs and feeding your body high amounts of protein will drop pounds and curb appetite, the meat consumption alone will significantly increase LDL (bad) Cholesterol. 

The Cholesterol content in the blood impacts circulation, insulin resistance, and heart disease. This leads to heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes.

A much safer alternative is the Vegan diet. It eliminates animal products, and substitutes beans, nuts and vegetables. As harsh as this may sound, people can feel the difference is less than a week. After a month Cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels significantly decrease. Acne clears up, and circulation increases through out the whole body. 

Almost all our meat and dairy products contain hormones or antibiotics. This leads to inflammation in the body and a build up of mucus. The worst of these culprits is preserved meats, like sausage, pepperoni or ham. These contain nitrates that cause cancer and heart disease.  

The excess inflammation also leads to lifestyles diseases like arthritis. If we ask around, we'll discover younger people are now complaining about joint pain. Compared to 30 years ago, this was unheard of. Unless you were an athlete, joint pain and Arthritis was reserved for the 60 and over population.  

This is one of the many benefits of a vegan diet, in the coming weeks, we'll go more in depth into what a Vegan Diet looks like and the tough process of transitioning away from meat or dairy. If you do already suffer from Arthritis or joint pain, feel free to check out our Graviola Arthritis Blend. This powerful soursop concentrate rids the body of inflammation and reduces pain and swelling.

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