7 Milk Thistle Tea Benefits that truly elevate your health

7 Milk Thistle Tea Benefits that truly elevate your health

Milk thistle tea benefits

What is Milk Thistle?

Extracted from the Silybum Marianum plant, Milk Thistle Tea benefits Liver Health, Brain Function, possesses powerful anti-cancer effects and can even lower blood sugar. In addition, regular consumption of Milk Thistle Tea keeps your skin clear and healthy.

This flowery herb sometimes referred to as silymarin, is native to Mediterranean countries and related to the daisy family of plants. It was first used in the middle east as a remedy for liver health and gallstones. As time went on, news of its amazing properties spread to the west. In-depth research was finally done on this super herb. Studies have now demonstrated it does so much more. 

Below, we get in all the wonderful benefits and explain how to prepare and use Milk Thistle Tea.

Milk Thistle Tea Benefits

Though Milk Thistle is primarily known for its Liver Health Benefits, it can also boost cognitive function, increase bone health, fight cancer, boost breast milk production, clear skin and lower blood sugar. 

1. Promotes Liver and Gallbladder Health

Milk Thistle works to reduce the damage caused by free radical cells that are created when the Liver processes toxins, like alcohol or other harmful substances. In addition, Milk Thistle's antioxidant properties may help to reduce inflammation and repair damage caused by long term use of alcohol or potent medication. 

New studies are even demonstrating that regular use of Milk Thistle Tea can protect the liver, reduce the risk of hepatitis and increase its life expectancy.

Intricately connected to the liver is the Gallbladder--Milk thistle Tea greatly benefits this tiny organ as well. It promotes detoxification, and is commonly recommended as a treatment for gallstones.

2. May Increase Brain Health and Prevent Alzheimers 

New research is showing Milk Thistle Tea's potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, may prevent age-related brain degeneration.

This can leads to the nullification of Alzheimers, and maintenance of healthy cognitive function regardless of age progression.

In addition to its neuro-protective properties, current research on animals have shown Milk Thistle tea to reduce amyloid plaque in the brain of Alzheimer subjects. Amyloid plaque is a build up of amyloid proteins between nerve cells in the brain that appear as you age. These amyloid buildups are abnormally abundant in Alzheimers patients. Reduction of this plaque can potentially reverse the disease altogether.  

3. May Increase Bone Health

Though research is new on this, there are some promising results that demonstrate Milk Thistle Tea's ability to slow bone degeneration and stimulate bone mineralization. 

This new finding would make Milk Thistle Tea an effective treatment for osteoporosis (progressive bone loss that leads to weak or fragile bones). It would be especially helpful to post menopausal women as they are prone to this condition. 

4. Packed with Anti-Oxidants

This tiny flower is packed with Anti-oxidant compounds that support overall health.

5. Can Increase Breast Milk Production

Research has shown Milk Thistle Tea to produce more of the hormone prolactin in lactating mothers. This leads to a healthy increase in breast milk production.

6. Promotes Healthy Skin

The potent anti-inflammatory properties of Milk Thistle Tea can reduce acne and prevent scarring.

In addition, the powerful antioxidants keep skin looking young and healthy. 

7. Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar

When used in conjunction with other Diabetes medication or treatment, Milk Thistle helps to support healthy blood sugar levels. Studies have even Demonstrated Milk Thistle's ability to reduce insulin sensitivity and maintain lower fasting blood sugar levels.

How to use Milk Thistle Tea

Milk thistle comes in a variety of forms that include capsules, tea bags or loose leaf tea. I prefer the tea because it absorbs quickly into my system and I can control the potency. 

Honestly it's a matter of preference, whatever is easiest and convenient, I suggest you go that route.

To prepare Milk Thistle Tea, boil 1 oz of loose leaf tea in a gallon of water for 3 minutes, then let it steep for one hour. Bottle and refrigerate for later use. If you would like to add some flavor to this tea, it tastes delicious with ginger and honey. Neither of these additions take anything away from its health benefits.

For cleansing:

2 cups daily, morning and at night

For regular consumption:

1 cup daily morning or night time.

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Possible Side Effects of Milk Thistle Tea

Though Milk Thistle is generally considered safe, pregnant women should avoid consumption as in depth research has not yet been completed.

People with Diabetes should monitor their sugar levels when consuming Milk Thistle Tea as it can lower blood sugar levels.

Milk Thistle Tea can have estrogenic effects that may worsen hormone sensitive conditions. 

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