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Spirulina Health Benefits | Detox Heavy Metals, Eliminate Candida

Spirulina Health Benefits | Detox heavy metals, eliminate candida, lower blood pressure

If you've scrolled through Social Media lately, you've come across this amazing blue green algae. First discovered in Hawaii, Spirulina boasts an abundance of health benefits that include cancer prevention, Candida elimination, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Blood Pressure Support, Healthy Cholesterol and Natural HIV Treatment. 

Even if you suffer from none of these conditions, there are quite a few reasons to add this superfood to your diet. Spirulina is one of the most nutrition-rich foods on the planet. It is packed with iron (great for vegans), vitamins, amino acids, omegas, fiber and minerals.  

Detox Heavy Metals

People all over the world are exposed to metals on a daily basis via their respiratory, or digestive system. The air we breathe is loaded with pollutants and the water we drink is sometimes contaminated with arsenic. Research has shown Spirulina to reduce metal toxicity in the body by up to 50% in one month. Regular use of Spirulina purifies the blood and keeps your body clear of harmful metals or other toxins.

Reduce Candida and Boost the Immune System

Candida Bacteria naturally exists in the gastrointestinal tract, mucosal oral cavity and vagina. It is needed to effectively break down foods, and other foreign substances. A healthy bacterial balance keeps our body healthy and protects us from disease. 

However, because of the abundance of sugar and artificial ingredients in our food, Candida Bacteria is multiplied and it puts our body's micro-bacterial system off balance. This leads to yeast infections, and antibiotic resistance when we're sick.

Spirulina promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, thus bringing the system back into balance. In addition, the healthy bacteria that Spirulina produces inhibits the growth of candida and boosts the immune system.  

Lower Cholesterol & Prevent Heart Disease

Research has shown Spirulina to be effective in reversing and preventing atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries. When atherosclerosis happens, the body can't effectively break down and absorb fats from the blood, resulting in high cholesterol and increased risk of stroke or heart disease.

Lower Blood Pressure

Spirulina contains the compound Phycocyanin which helps to regulate blood pressure. Research has shown this ingredient to reverse endothelial dysfunction which is linked to lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. Spirulina is not just a quick remedy for High Blood Pressure, but a superfood that helps to reverse the disease altogether.

Helps to Prevent Cancer

Research has shown Spirulina to produce powerful anti-bodies, infection-fighting proteins and cells that attack cancer and other chronic illness. Even deeper research has been conducted on patients with pancreatic cancer, resulting in significant decreases in the amount of cancercous cells after two months of daily Spirulina supplementation. 

Natural HIV/AIDs treatment

Recent studies have shown Spirulina to increase CD4 cells (white blood cells in the body that fight infection) , and decrease HIV viral load. This leads to an immediate betterment of life in the patient.

How to eat Spirulina

Spirulina typically comes in two forms, tablet or powder. I generally prefer the powder because of the ease of use, and volume of Spirulina you can consume in one serving. Most supplements require you to take 4-6 tablets, where as the powder, simply add a teaspoon to your smoothie. My personal favorite recipe is below:

Spirulina Smoothie Recipe

1/2 Apple

1/2 cup of spinach

1 teaspoon of raw ginger

1/2 cup of ice

8oz of water

2 tablespoons of raw honey

1 teaspoon of Spirulina powder

Blend till smooth and enjoy :)

Side Effects of Spirulina

Though, very rare, there are a few reports of individuals who have had auto-immune reactions after consuming Spirulina. In these cases, the individuals were already pre-disposed to auto-immune diseases. If you are currently diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, please consult a physician before adding Spirulina to your diet. 

Be sure that you're getting your Spirulina from a reputable company. As it is sourced from the ocean, there are a few instances where harvested Spirulina has been contaminated. This can lead to stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and weakness. If you experience any of these conditions after taking Spirulina, be sure to visit a physician as soon as possible. 


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