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Using Bitter Wood for Diabetes and Blood Purification

Bitter Wood - lower blood sugar, purify blood, diabetes care

While uncommon in the United States, this tree bark has been used for centuries in Jamaica to purify the blood, lower blood sugar and rid the body of harmful worms and parasites.

In South America, it is known as Picrasma Excelsa or Quassia. News of its amazing medicinal benefits spread around the 18th century and it has been cultivated worldwide ever since. 

Bitter Wood's active ingredient increases stomach acid and bile secretions, which boosts the body's natural digestive effects and attacks bacteria, worms and fungi.

In addition, it also breaks down glucose in the body, reducing the body's need to produce insulin, and saving the pancreas work. 

The blood purification effects of Bitter Wood aid in breaking down bad Cholesterol. This leads to more viscosity in the blood and elasticity of the blood vessels. The end result of this process is decreased insulin resistance, allowing the body to more effectively break down sugar and convert carbs and glucose to energy.

As long as our body can efficiently break down sugar and convert glucose to energy, Diabetes is non-existent

To effectively use Bitter Wood, it takes about an hour of preparation every few weeks. This is nothing compared to the amazing benefits and feeling you experience from this marvelous herb.

For detailed instructions on how to prepare Bitter Wood, or if you would like to try it, click here

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  • hi,
    my sister has sickle cell and YEARS ago, my late mother used to give her bitters to drink. can I ask, is there anything that you could recommend which would help. my late mother and auntie grew up within the area of the hills of St Andrew, Jamaica and luckily they (and myself as I’ve got older) have a firm belief that as we are a product of this earth, mother nature holds a cure for every sickness.

    I welcome your returned response.


    C Blackstock.

    claude blackstock
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