Using Bitter Wood to support Blood Sugar

Using Bitter Wood to support Blood Sugar

Bitter Wood - lower blood sugar, purify blood, diabetes care

While uncommon in the United States, Bitter Wood has been used for centuries in Jamaica and South America to purify the blood, lower blood sugar and rid the body of harmful worms and parasites.

What is Bitter Wood?

This small tree can grow up to three meters and produces long bright red flowers. However, the magic of this tree lies in the bark or wood. Other names for it include Picrasma Excelsa or Quassia. Commonly used as a flavoring agent in many foods, we are now rediscovering its health benefits to the body. News of its medicinal uses first spread around the 18th century and it has been cultivated worldwide ever since.

Bitter Wood Benefits

Very Bitter herbs or fruits have unique benefits to the human body, research has shown them to be effective in cleansing and blood purification. As you'll soon read, Bitter Wood is no stranger to this category. 

Attack Bacteria, Parasites and Intestinal Worms

Bitter Wood's active ingredient increases stomach acid and bile secretions, which boosts the body's natural digestive effects and attacks bacteria, parasites, worms and fungi. This leads to a healthy gut and helps to alleviate gastritis.

Blood Sugar Support

Another Bitter Wood property is its ability to break down glucose. This reduces the amount of insulin the body produces, and extends the lifetime of the pancreas. In addition, efficient glucose breakdown provides more fuel to the body, and helps to burn stored fat. 

Healthy Blood Support

The blood purification effects of Bitter Wood aid in breaking down bad Cholesterol. This leads to more viscosity in the blood and elasticity of the blood vessels. The end result of this process is decreased insulin resistance, allowing the body to break down sugar and convert carbs and glucose to energy.

As long as our body can efficiently break down sugar and convert glucose to energy, Diabetes is non-existent

How to Prepare

To effectively use Bitter Wood, it takes about an hour of preparation every few weeks. This is nothing compared to the amazing benefits and feeling you experience from this marvelous herb.

For detailed instructions on how to prepare Bitter Wood, or if you would like to try it, click here

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