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Amplified Man

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Amplified Man is a unique combination of herbs formulated to support a man's performance. It may help to support both Stamina and Endurance. 

Main Ingredients

cuscuta seed

Cuscuta Seed, also known as Tu-Si-Zi is harvested from a vine that has a high concentration of flavonoids and antioxidants. Studies have shown this seed to help invigorate the reproductive system.


In the last few decades, Tribulus has come into its own in the old Soviet bloc, especially Bulgaria, where its use has created a modern legend as a libido tonic. In addition, Tribulus has been found to have a stimulating effect on spermatogenesis by increasing the number of spermatozoa and their motility and viability.

ashwaghanda root

Commonly known as “Indian Ginseng” Ashwagandha Root is a powerful adaptogenic herb. It has been used for ages to help rejuvenate the reproductive organs, calm the nerves and support healthy stress management.

How to take:

1 capsule take 30 minutes prior to physical activity.

If you're interested in prolonging the effects of Amplified Man, consider combining this product with our Male Tonic or Test Support.


Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Amplified Man

Great product...unlike similar products which don't really work, this one works and works well. Stays in your system for days. I only use half and it still is as effective... The only down side for me is a weird feeling in my head or slight headache.

THOMAS PEAKE (Scarborough, TT)


Andrew (Margate, US)
Awesome product

It definitely works and is worth the money

Nathan Willis (Miami, US)
Great products

Great products works excellent

Ken Reed (Tampa, US)

Is there a possibility of you offering quantity discounts and packaging the larger quantities in fewer bottles?