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Flow Herbal Colon Cleanse (12 oz)


Every 4 months, our body requires a colon cleanse. Being that it’s six feet long, food is bound to get stuck no matter how healthy our diet, these small particles then turn into white spots which can eventually lead to colon cancer. Our entire body’s health starts with our colon, a clean colon leads to increased energy, clear skin, and increased mental focus.

Flow Herbal Colon Cleanse safely and gently detoxifies the digestive organs, promotes healthy elimination patterns, loses weight and support healthy liver, kidney, and gall bladder function. Most people experience results after 1-2 doses.  It will leave you with a renewed feeling of lightness, comfort, and increased energy. Gentle enough to use every day.

-Lose Weight

-Cleanse your body

-Detoxify your digestive organs

-Clear your skin

-Increase energy

-Increase mental focus

Flow is step one in the Total Herbal Body Cleanse. Next is the Clean Herbal Body Detox. Step three is the Vigor or Bloom Body Re-generator.

The Total Herbal Body Cleanse should be repeated three times per year to maintain healthy organ function and increased energy.

Customer Reviews

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1 Week after taking Tonica Flow I lost 8 lbs ...

1 Week after taking Tonica Flow I lost 8 lbs and I feel lighter and have more energy.