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Guinea Hen Weed attack cancer cells

Guinea Hen Weed Raw Herb | Fight Cancer, Enlarged Prostate Support

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Guinea Hen Weed is commonly used in the treatment of cancer, effectively killing cancer cells. Some studies have shown it to be more effective than Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment.  It’s safe natural alternative with no side effects. Apart from it’s anti-cancer effects, it’s proven to boost immune system with 44 Antioxidants, 40 Anti-inflammatories,  26 Vitamins and minerals and all 8 essential amino acids.

-Kills Cancer Cells

-Fight Infections

-Relieves Pain

-Boost Immune System

-Reduce Enlarged Prostate 

How to Prepare:

Boil 1 oz of the herb for 10 minutes in a gallon of water, then let it steep for one hour for maximum potency. Bottle and refrigerate for ease of use. Served hot or cold.

How to take:

Drink one cup every night before bed, or in the morning with food. Use one week on, one week off.


Guinea hen weed has blood thinning effects, be sure to alternate weeks when supplementing this super herb