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Jamaica Herbal

One Love Womb Blend | Women's Reproductive System Support

One Love Womb Blend | Women's Reproductive System Support

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This unique herbal blend has known to promote a healthy reproductive system in women. It may also help to promote healthy hormone balance and overall health.

Ingredients: Red Clover, Hops, Blue Violet, Chickweed, Pennyroyal, Chaparral, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper
Directions: Submerge pouch in one gallon of water. Slow boil 5 minutes. Simmer 15 minutes. Turn off heat and allow it to sit one hour. Remove pouch. Sweeten with honey or blackstrap molasses, if desired. Bottle and refrigerate. Drink one to two cups daily
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Customer Reviews

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Natasha Casad-Best
Available soon?

When will this be available again? I have been living with uterine fibroids for 5 years now and recently suffered a miscarriage due to the fibroids. If I don't do something about them soon, I am looking at my doctors telling me I need surgery. I am trying to not have to have surgery, and I am desperate to try anything at this point. I don't want to risk the chance of losing my uterus and losing my last chance at another child. Help please!

Dee (Hollywood, US)
One Love Womb Blend

AMAZING product!! Any woman suffering from missed periods, cysts and other issues, this is a MUST. It is worth EVERY dollar. Blessings to the creator of the blend!

Medina Davis (Stroudsburg, US)
Worked 23 years ago, still works today

I have had pain and menstrual problems since I was a teenager. I actually had a problem so bad that I was given birth control pills to try and stop it but it didn’t work. I ordered this tea and the same day that I drank it, the problem stopped. Fast forward twenty three years and I have very painful cycles. I ordered this tea again after over twenty years and am pleased to say that it still does what it is supposed to do. My period was lighter and less painful this time around. This tea will be a regular purchase for me from now on. I will never let that much time pass in between drinking this tea again.

Rose (Easton, US)
I can't believe how well it worked

I was bleeding for a month and I couldn't get it to stop. A friend recommended this tea to me and after a few days of drinking it, my blood smelled normal again and started to lessen. Within a week I stopped bleeding. It's amazing.

Marie Thomas (Lawrenceville, US)

One Love Womb Blend | Fibroid Support, Fertility Support, Ovarian cyst support