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Sea Moss | Thyroid Support, Ant-Inflammatory, Digestive Health

Sea Moss | Thyroid Support, Ant-Inflammatory, Digestive Health

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Sea Moss, commonly referred to as Irish Moss in the Caribbean is a red algae harvested from the ocean. It is packed with Protein, Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals. Because of its high iodine content, this superfood is mainly used for Thyroid disorders. Sea Moss also soothes the mucus membranes in the body, making it a natural decongestant and digestive aid.

Last but not least, it is also used as a natural aphrodisiac for men. It helps to boost sperm count and increase performance.

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How to Prepare:

1. Wash thoroughly with water to remove salt.

2. Blend 8 oz of Irish Moss with 32oz hot water for a few minutes. 

3. Add two cinnamon sticks and blend for a few more minutes until smooth.

4. The gel can be stored up to 10 days in the refrigerator. It can be added to smoothies or other recipes as a thickening agent.

How to take: 

2 oz of Sea Moss gel added to any smoothie or recipe

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